MyKids Application

The first application of its kind that serves parents and nurseries at the same time.

Once you have downloaded and installed the application on your device, you can register for free to follow up on your child's activities and news.

The application is now available for both Android and iOS devices, you can download the application now for free and enjoy an unparalleled experience.



Daily Reports

Keep track of your child's activity, eating habits, educational level and hobbies


Daily Attendance Sheet

View the diary of your child's attendance and absence and details of his nursery vacation days


Bus Tracking

Knowing the details of your child's bus movement to check on him first


My Kids app is characterized by a simple and elegant user interface, we want to provide our users with the best possible use experience, through the home page you can see the accounts of your children and nurseries.
The application provides you with detailed daily reports of your child's activities, behavior and eating habits. It also allows you to view teachers' comments and the ability to add your own comment to the nursery.
With attendance sheet, you can easily track your child's attendance, absence, and public holidays.
The last meeting between you and your child will not be riding the bus. Through our application, you can track your child's path and know whether he has reached his nursery or not yet.
The application gives you all your tools in a simple and easy way, see your child's daily reports, events, attendance sheet, photo albums, financial transactions and conversations in one place.
The application provides nurseries with a unique control over the management of their nursery, follow-up of children, and see their academic level, behavior and eating habits.


MyKids App is Available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store


MyKids App designed and developed by MySoft®

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