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parents can see all of activities at the nursery.Choose any activity they want.Parents can see kids activity details


Daily sheets & monthly reports.Attendance & staff ratios.Health,sleep check and more.


Parents can search for nuseries.know all of details about nersery they want.parents can rate the nursery.


Program/activity planning.Save staff time on paperwork.Leadership resources for ECEs.

Kid Care

Engage parents with digital daily sheets, pictures, videos and educational information. Empower staff to showcase your center's programming.

Free your staff to focus on the kids, not the paperwork

The average early childhood educator spends 45 minutes per day on documentation. Our digital childcare daily reports solution was designed by early childhood educators and childcare operations directors to be quicker than existing documentation methods and intuitive for all staff to use which means more time with the kids.

Connect with parents using digital communications

Parents are often busy when dropping off and picking up their kids from child care. By complementing face-to-face communications with real time picture updates and digital daily reports, you'll delight parents and bridge the gap between learning that happens in your program and learning at home.

Get the recognition your programs & staff deserve

You treat every child as unique, providing them with individual attention on their personal development path. However, whiteboards, emails and newsletters do not reveal this special effort. With HiMama you can exhibit your hard work by providing parents with relevant information specific to their child’s growth.


Our chidcare management software combines an intuitive, easy-to-use solution with the depth of capabilities that you and your families require.

Save hours a week on admin

Goodbye paper daily reports! Our childcare management software saves you on average five hours a week.

Beautiful daily reports and portfolios

Digital daily sheets include meals, naps, activities and learning stories.

Snap a picture to tell a story

Attach photos or videos with classroom observations to show their development in action.

Developed with your framework in mind

Automatically connect lesson plans to your state or province's framework.

Increase parent satisfaction and engagement

Communicate with parents via text or email to share videos, updates, or photos.

Smart Billing and Invoicing

Create tuition plans, invoice and collect payments from parents.

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we promised you that, we always try to take care of your childdren. Early child care is a very important and often overlooked compaonent

Plan learning experiences for the week. Link development skills from your framework to activities. Share program plans with parents.

Easily document observations of children's development. Add photos, notes and milestones. Share with parents in real time.

Reflect on learning by reviewing a child's portfolio and assessment. Keep an open dialogue with parents through regular engagement.

MyKids is the #1 Reviewed & Rated Kid Care Software

The MyKids kid care app on Android, iPhone has thousands of reviews and a 4.5 star rating.

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we promised you that, we always try to take care of your childdren. Early child care is a very important and often overlooked compaonent of child development

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